My Favorite Color

I recently finished a couple of books that have motivated me to start this adventure of blogging. In hopes of finding some new aspects on things I think about, I look forward to meeting new people through this and finding a way to really express myself. One of the books I am talking about is Conor Grennan’s “Little Princes”. I discovered that he had a blog after reading his book and found it inspiring, funny and the most remarkable thing about it was, he answered a comment I left on his post! It felt wonderful to connect in that way! Also, I read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and it convinced me to give this a go even though I was always sort of intimidated by the thought of a blog.  I am not a writer by anyone’s standards even though I always wanted to be one.

A quick intro to me, I am in love with Yoga and reading. I live in Germany but I am American. Being outside on a beautiful day is one of my favorite things in the world. I try to treat everyone with kindness and make an effort to make people smile every day.

Anyway, my thoughts today went to my favorite color. Generally, it changes from day to day or season to season and usually I will tell you it is Green (I love Nature) but currently, I love Yellow! The sun shining on my face, Organic Lemons in my water, and for some reason, when I think about Happiness as a color, I think of Yellow. What is your favorite color and what connects you to it?



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

  1. What a great question. For years my favorite color was “Red”. Thinking back I think I just wanted to stand out, be heard, listened to, and never missed. I’d have to say as the years have past me by, I have a new favorite color- which is brown. For I think of my happiest days, drinking a blended mocha. Putting on dark ‘brown’ tanning lotion, watching the leaves turn ‘brown’ in the Fall… and awaiting Saturday mornings at about 7am watching the ‘brown’ herds of deer pass by my little ‘brown’ cottage. To get ready for my day and look in the mirror and see my ‘brown’ eyes and hope for a wonderful day. 🙂

  2. HI Danielle thank you for stopping by my blog also. I read the happiness project also and I always kept in the back of my mind that I can do it. I’m not a write either well …..not trained. But when you find something you love to write about it all becomes quite easy. What a lovely blog you have here. Good and best to you my virtual yoga friend.

    • Which one? “Little Princes”? It was amazing. Blew me away and I must have driven everyone around me crazy until I ran out of breath. I enjoyed following Conor Grennan on his journey of self discovery while doing something so amazing for the children in Nepal. I recommend it.

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