Oh What a Day

So, do you ever resolve to have a good day and realize 20 minutes later that everything seems out to ensure you do NOT have a good day? Today was that day for me. I woke up in a pretty relaxed mood ready to begin my day. Yoga got me off on the right foot and on my way to work, I was still pretty sure it would be a good day! Until I walked into the building and my mood went immediately south. I have no reason why other than, it was a dreary day and it hit me that I really didn’t feel like being at work. I called my Mom, who is usually pretty good at putting me back in a good mood without trying but I didn’t even give her a chance, I was rude and irritated with her. So I hung up and tried to get on with work. But, I had a guilty conscience and decided to call her back. I pretended to be my “Better half” and apologized for my “Evil half”‘s behavior. Feeling better we talked and I hung up again ready to get moving. For real this time. Met with my boss and then stepped out of the building to check my mail…For some reason I checked if I had my driver’s license with me and lo and behold, I do not. I just changed my wallet the other day and of all things to miss, it was my license. So I went to get it. Driving slowly of course! Anyway, later on I am meeting with my associates trying to get some things sorted and a customer did a good job putting me in another sour mood. I tried to brush it off and move on. (I am generally very kind, even to difficult customers, and good at not taking anything personally at work) I was agitated for a while about the customer but eventually was getting into a better mood when my knee started to act up. (I recently had knee surgery, which went really well and I have been healing fine but on days that I walk around a lot and fast, it gets very tired and sort of “sticks”) I didn’t mind it too much but everyone felt it necessary to remind me I was limping. Ok people, I noticed…I am walking on it and all. (Again, I am pretty patient and this is not something that would get to me but I seemed to have left all my patience at home.) Well, I finally arrive home and I decide before I sit down to go online and then go to bed, I will do some house work. Putting dishes away seems to be the last thing I can do. I dropped a few dishes. Yep, the wackiness continues. So, here I am whining about it on here. I wonder, is it as difficult for others to get through a day that is so bound and determined to drive you bananas with positivity and calm? I put in a daily effort these days to stay calm even on days like today but I really was struggling to keep smiling.  But what does “venting” really do? Shouldn’t we still try our hardest to focus on the good even on a day like today? Isn’t that what makes a person strong and willful? Does it make me weak since I couldn’t pull myself together for a day, even when it really wasn’t even all that bad of a day?Image

To try to turn the day around before I head off to bed, I will tell you that I am grateful for the family and friends in my life as well as my boyfriend who is my best friend. They all make days like today easier to get through and I can look forward to tomorrow knowing they are there. I wish everyone a lovely day!


4 thoughts on “Oh What a Day

  1. That does not make u weak it makes u human and sometimes it seems easier to take the bad to another level instead of taking the good there .

  2. Sorry we you had a troublesome day. If it makes you feel any better, my Friday was very similar. I woke up 20 minutes before I was suppose to be at work. Lovely- right?! I busted my butt to get out of the door. Luckily on Fridays we have the luxury of wearing jeans. When I got to work, I looked down to notice I was wearing my house slippers. Lets just say the day was very uneventful and I felt very unproductive. My coworkers found humor in my shoes, I myself not so much. 🙂 We all have these days. 🙂 We just all hope they don’t happen often. And I much agree about have friends and family to back us on these days we wish didn’t exist. I love you sister.
    PS. I bought flip flops on my lunch break. Lol.

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