Finding Calm and Forgiving Myself

The last few days have been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. I had no reason to be down but I found myself in a dull mood nonetheless. Does that happen to anyone else? I mean, life is actually pretty darn good these days so I just decided to blame it on the fact that the sun hasn’t been shining in a few days. Since I haven’t a reason in the world to be blue, I had a hard time forgiving myself for having these feelings. I didn’t understand it. Still don’t really but no matter. I couldn’t understand that I was down without reason and couldn’t seem to shake it off. Yesterday, I decided to do some Yoga before my boyfriend came over. This calmed me down but I was still not in a good mood, as a matter of fact it felt a little like angry Yoga. But it worked partially and it was definitely good to see my boyfriend when he got here with a smile on his face. This morning, I still had a hard time slapping on a smile and being ready for the good times. Throughout the day though, I was noticing that I was a little bit cheerier as the time went by. So after work I went to buy some plants for outside and that really put a smile on my face, not so much for the wallet though. (Oops!) As my fingers were in the dirt planting and watering, I took a step back and realized that something so simple and wonderful as planting some plants made me feel calm and peaceful. It was a lovely feeling to come back to. I just finished Yoga and am now feeling back to my normal self, even smiling while I write this! Isn’t it awesome sometimes how the really little things in life can make you so happy? Too often people forget about those things in life that are able to so simply remind us how lovely a life it can be. I wish for people to stop and smell the flowers more! When my hibiscus plant starting blooming this year I almost exploded with joy of seeing it come to life! (I should mention that I am usually not so good at keeping plants alive. only recently I have been better at it. I believe it is the Yoga that has improved my green thumb)

What makes others happy? Are there little things that bring you out of a funk or give you a little boost of joy? To take it back to “The Sound of Music”, a few of my favorite things are, my mom smiling, my boyfriends kiss, plants that I keep alive, the sun on my face, laughing until my cheeks and stomach hurt, we all love the silly am I right? Good night world, bring on tomorrow!Image


2 thoughts on “Finding Calm and Forgiving Myself

  1. A good cup of coffee, my grass between my toes and the sweet smell after a spring rain. That would improve my mood. Most people take the roses for granted. You don’t realize how much you appreciate the small things until you live in a place without them. Oh, the smell of ocean air and the sound of waves crashing are also at the top of my list.

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