“The world has it’s way to quiet us down…”

Getting ready for work yesterday morning, I was listening to Jack Johnson’s “Losing Key’s” and one line sort of flowed out of the speaker and danced through my ears and a beautiful thing happened in my mind. “The world has it’s way to quiet us down…” was so penetrating  since I love nature and Yoga, both of which make me supremely happy.

It really hit me how much the world is our mother and is there for us like our mothers. The rain, like our Mom’s gentle hugs, washes away what needs to go from us. The sun warms us and energizes our spirits, walking through the woods gives us clarity and sanction! All things our parent’s do for us. Mother Earth is our original Mother and she loves us!

Where I am trying to go with this is that we don’t need to look far for inner peace & happiness! You don’t need other people to be responsible for your happiness nor do you need many material things. You just need to connect to the world in a way that you let it show you love! I always knew that going for a walk on the path here by my house made me more clear minded and taking a minute to stand in the direct sun to let it shine on my face were things that made me intensely more calm and happy. But it just clicked yesterday morning why! I am connecting with our Earth!


The picture above was in Oregon from a few years ago, but fitting to my topic. You can ask my friend, I was in love with all the nature everywhere! This was me under a waterfall, taking it in and breathing in the moment. I closed my eyes and let the mist penetrate my skin, giving me life and love. I felt so connected to everything around me and gave it love in return. All in about 3 minutes. I am pretty sure my friend wondered a little bit about my sanity. I often think about how wonderful it was to be so up close and personal with nature while there. But you don’t have to travel too far to find nature and her beauty. Flowers, the sky, trees and the earth you walk on. Pay more attention!

All this connecting doesn’t cost you a thing but a little time. You don’t have to pay large sums of money to find it or to obtain the calm that comes with it. Yoga and meditation are both divine additions to doing this as you become more mindful of your surroundings and your own actions.

As I walk on a path, I feel the earth under my feet, guiding me. Find an open patch of land and stand in the sun to let the warmth enter and allow it ignite my soul. Join the trees in a tree pose feeling their strength and realizing that as a tree sways, it “goes with the flow” in a most natural way. I smile and continue on to sit by the lake for a while to observe the ducks, the people walking by and the children running with their hands in the air, glad to be outside. They too know that the adventure outside is far better than the one on a hand held electronic device!

I hope all of you find ways to appreciate the bounty Nature has to give us if we allow ourselves to accept it. Just remember it is magnified when you return that love and kindness!

Wish everyone an awesome day!


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