My day in photos…


Found beauty right outside my door watching this little guy buzzing happily about his day

What?! A second post in the same day?! Madness!! 🙂 Just wanted to share that I had a wonderful day today. And I will share it in photo’s.


At the laundromat today and decided it would be fun to meditate in front of my dryer

Being at the laundromat today, I was tired of standing around staring at the dryer willing it to hurry. So I sat down to will it to dry faster through meditation! Needless to say, the others giggled. Would also like to note that I was given an opportunity to practice kindness as I preach it. I waited patiently for a long while to get a dryer while others hoarded them. When I finally “won”, I was happy with one dryer even though others had about 5. At some point a young man was done and let me claim the dryer he used. I now had two. I felt so lucky! About 30 minutes later, I noticed a woman waiting for a dryer. I thought it silly that I had two while she waited for at least one. So I gave one up. I smiled warmly and let her know that it was hers and she smiled brightly and thanked me. I was rewarded with kindness by another stranger who gave me a quarter when I realized I didn’t have another one. A wonderful circle kindness can be!


I am always so happy to come home to this..


Getting ready for an inversion..

I. Love. Yoga.


This was the first time I have managed to trust myself to go up and keep balance. I know it isn’t perfect but it is major improvement!

 I love yoga for teaching me to trust my body and soul.

And to end the day…A lovely salad…

A delicious salad with pear, blueberries and blueberry balsamic

A delicious salad with pear, blueberries and blueberry balsamic


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