sunshine and books

Wow, been a while…I apologize for neglecting you dear blog…but to be honest I ave neglected a few other things as well. But I was pretty run down before my vacation started and during my vacation, I needed a lot of rest and relaxation. Only problem is, I didn’t do any Yoga or workout in any way except the short walk to and fro…I wish I could say I regret it but my soul was not there. I genuinely needed to be lazy. I read. I read a lot. I am almost done with the 3rd book in the last week. I love it. That is where my heart was this week. In my book(s). But I will get to that later…I am suddenly inspired…I change my clothes, ignoring the areas of my home I need to straighten up, I can do that later. I wash the night’s sleep out of my eyes and slather on the sun screen and will go for a walk…

Oh what a lovely walk it was! The trees, the birds, the earth, the sky, the lake…all of it was calling me to come join in the happy sway of a sunny, breezy day! And I did, I swayed and reconnected with nature. I sat by the lake and watched two dragonfly’s flittering around in an almost happy manner. Almost like they were dancing for an audience of one. A school of little fish, swimming in perfect harmony about their day. It made me smile and I was glad I out walked the discomfort of my knee telling me to go back. In the end it conceded and I was able to walk peacefully. I feel I am back on my path after a break from everything. It is time…


I read a few different books lately but there is one that got me thinking. Inferno from Dan Brown, while it was similar to his other books, it got my mind racing about overpopulation. While the book is a work of fiction, overpopulation is a real threat. Would you be able to sterilize a very large number of people knowing it would save our human race? Honestly, I don’t think its the worst idea. (better than killing off half the population!) But I don’t want to get too into that right now. Also reading a book called, ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide’. This book is a wonderfully funny story! I keep laughing out loud and I LOVE when books do this to me! Next book will be ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortenson. I wish I could read faster!


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