My day in photos…


Found beauty right outside my door watching this little guy buzzing happily about his day

What?! A second post in the same day?! Madness!! 🙂 Just wanted to share that I had a wonderful day today. And I will share it in photo’s.


At the laundromat today and decided it would be fun to meditate in front of my dryer

Being at the laundromat today, I was tired of standing around staring at the dryer willing it to hurry. So I sat down to will it to dry faster through meditation! Needless to say, the others giggled. Would also like to note that I was given an opportunity to practice kindness as I preach it. I waited patiently for a long while to get a dryer while others hoarded them. When I finally “won”, I was happy with one dryer even though others had about 5. At some point a young man was done and let me claim the dryer he used. I now had two. I felt so lucky! About 30 minutes later, I noticed a woman waiting for a dryer. I thought it silly that I had two while she waited for at least one. So I gave one up. I smiled warmly and let her know that it was hers and she smiled brightly and thanked me. I was rewarded with kindness by another stranger who gave me a quarter when I realized I didn’t have another one. A wonderful circle kindness can be!


I am always so happy to come home to this..


Getting ready for an inversion..

I. Love. Yoga.


This was the first time I have managed to trust myself to go up and keep balance. I know it isn’t perfect but it is major improvement!

 I love yoga for teaching me to trust my body and soul.

And to end the day…A lovely salad…

A delicious salad with pear, blueberries and blueberry balsamic

A delicious salad with pear, blueberries and blueberry balsamic



How do we stay true to our be kind mantra when people want to make it so difficult. I have spent so much time and energy to become the kind, happy woman I want to be and now I wonder how to apply kindness to a someone I have no respect for. Is it enough to be polite? Do I really have to forgive her? I feel strongly that she doesn’t deserve any kindness from me. But isn’t that exactly what I am trying to accomplish with kindness? Be kind to all…If we forgive, they say it releases us from the hurt, it is an attribute of the strong.

So am I weak because I struggle to find it in me to release this person from their wrongs? I want to on some level but in my heart I hesitate because she is so selfish in the wrong ways and doesn’t see past herself. That is someone I do not know how to be around because they are everything I do not like in our society.

On the other hand, if I find a way to be peaceful around her, to release the tension in my heart surrounding her, maybe I can move on and only then understand how to show kindness to someone who doesn’t seem to understand what selflessness is.


I can forgive and release her. But I choose not to let her be in my life in any way. I wonder, is that cold? There are many quotes about surrounding yourself with the right people and I believe with my soul that being encircled by people who are positive, honest and kind has helped me grow. By letting one in, that is none of these things, seems to go against what I have worked for. So, yes, I can forgive her. But that is as far as our road goes. At least for now. When I see changes I would reconsider our relationship.

But who am I to be the judge? Well, I am talking about my happiness and my world I have built and therefore I believe I have the right to decide who may enter my bubble and who may not.

I would like to note that I do not wish her harm, unhappiness or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, I wish very much for her to find peace and joy in life.

I welcome any advice