I am not Perfect, and that’s ok!

Lately, it has been a little difficult to not be my own enemy. I have forgotten that I have come along way from who I used to be. Seems I need a little reminder sometimes. Being happy is not always the easiest path but it is sure worth it. I am working everyday to be the person I am, the one I know I can be. But forgive me if I wander off that path, I am not perfect. I am human and I love the life I lead. I thank those that have been through thick and thin with me and still stick around. I also thank those that are no longer in my life.


This was my facebook post yesterday. And one of my friends commented on it saying being happy is easier than being miserable or its the easier choice. Well, I beg to differ to an extent. I admit, sometimes, it is very hard for me to focus on the good, the beauty and the positive things in my life. I am not someone who is always in a happy chipper mood. I work to be since it doesn’t come so easily, and I think over time it will come easier or even change completely.

I have only just recently realized what it takes and what to do in my life that keeps me on a happy path. I cannot put my finger on it but for whatever reason, my brain is wired to always worry about things. Causing me to be either down on myself or just down in general. Things like being outside in nature, Yoga (have I mentioned how much I love Yoga?), meditation and reading are the things I do alone to keep calm, hold on to happy thoughts and maintain the happy lifestyle I know I have in me. I love being around my boyfriend, family and friends but I firmly believe that I need that quality alone time in order to be a good girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend. You must be good to yourself to be good to others.

In the last couple weeks, I have skipped Yoga here and there, been eating quite terribly and not sleeping well, and I am sure that is why I wandered off my path. I am improving all those things and feeling much better thus far. I do need to take time for myself where I can, which I have also forgotten in the last couple weeks.

I would like to add that I live a very blessed and happy life. I am not depressed or miserable. I am just a human woman who deals with some inner conflicts and sometimes feels a little lost. Which I am certain is not totally abnormal. I am lucky enough to have people in my life that know how to give me my time and also know when to give me a helping hand. I know that I have come a long long way from the girl I used to be and I know I will be who I know I can be in time.

I want to tell others that it is okay to let yourself feel the emotions you feel. Just be sure you know what works for you to keep your head up and find a way to smile through your battles.

Anyway, I haven’t posted in a bit since I was at a loss for inspiration. Didn’t dawn on me to write about this since I didn’t really want to come off as negative on my blog. But I am putting it out there anyway. I hope someone takes something from this.

A good day to all!